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News 14/07/2023
Veeva CLM: Creating an eDetail presentation from PowerPoint

Creating content on Veeva can be a complex, expensive and time-consuming process...

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News 07/03/2023
Veeva Approved Emails: 5 Fundamental Design Tips for Success

Veeva Approved Emails are the glue that binds omnichannel marketing...

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News 01/11/2022
Veeva Commercial Summit, Europe 2022

We are looking forward to attending the Veeva Commercial Summit, Europe 2022...

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News 13/05/2022
PULSE opens new office in Barcelona

We are pleased to announce the opening of our new office in Barcelona Spain. This office will add...

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Veeva 01/12/2021
Getting Started with Veeva CRM Approved Email

What is Veeva CRM Approved Email? Veeva CRM Approved Email is an email solution built into Veeva CRM which enables pharma organisations...

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Events 28/10/2021
5 ways to host successful virtual pharmaceutical events powered by Veeva

With in-person events unable to take place during COVID-19 and still limited in many areas, the life sciences industry has shifted to hosting...

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Veeva 14/10/2021
Visualise Customer Data with Veeva CRM MyInsights

Veeva CRM MyInsights helps sales teams to visualise their customer data. Sales teams receive real-time insights delivered directly in Veeva...

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News 06/10/2021
Enter The Digital Age Of Personalised Healthcare

As the pharma and healthcare industries look for new ways of providing personalised healthcare to patients, technology provides an opportunity...

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News 01/10/2021
Veeva Content Partner - A Strategic Choice for Pharmaceutical Companies

At PULSE, we have continually invested in training and developing our technical capabilities on platforms such as Veeva to enable us to better...

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News 23/09/2021
Overview of the German Healthcare Market

The German healthcare market is the largest in Europe; with Germany having the oldest population in Europe and the second oldest...

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News 16/09/2021
Accelerating and Streamlining Veeva CLM Content Creation - A Global to Local Process

The life sciences industry is experiencing a shift to hybrid engagement with HCPs which is, in turn, creating pressures on global brands...

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News 09/09/2021
Top Three Tips to Achieve Success with a Combined MLR and DAM Solution

COVID-19 has served as a catalyst for digital transformation in the life sciences industry, encouraging Pharma organisations...

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News 12/08/2021
The Impact of COVID-19 on the Pharmaceutical Industry to Use Veeva Approved Email to Reach and Engage with HCPs Remotely

As a result of COVID-19, the life sciences industry has undergone significant changes in the way it reaches and engages with healthcare...

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News 09/07/2021
Heartbeat™ Veeva Approved Email Content Authoring Solution 3.0 launches

Pharma organisations are facing new challenges, they must now create and launch digital content faster than ever before. With Veeva...

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News 29/03/2021
Extending the reach of the X-PERT Diabetes Digital Programme

Prior to Covid-19, the X-PERT Health Diabetes group education programme was made accessible to communities via trained link workers who interpreted...

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News 19/11/2020
Women's Entrepreneurship Day

In light of Google for Startups Women's Entrepreneurship Day, we want to take the opportunity to celebrate our Chief Technology Officer and...

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News 20/10/2020
Veeva Commercial & Medical Europe Summit Online 2020

We are looking forward to attending the Veeva Commercial & Medical Summit Online, Europe 2020, as a continuing sponsor. As always...

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News 07/10/2020
Pulse Partners With X-PERT Health to Launch an Innovative Digital Diabetes Programme

In partnership with the award-winning Diabetes Professional Care Charity, X-PERT Health, Pulse has led the digital transformation...

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News 15/09/2020
Pulse announce sponsorship of the Veeva EU Summit Online, 2020

Pulse are delighted to announce that we are once again a continuing sponsor of the annual Veeva Commercial and Medical Summit, Europe. The 2020...

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News 01/09/2020
Tips for Getting Started with Veeva Engage Remote Meetings

This year, Life Sciences and pharmaceutical companies have turned more to digital as a means of communicating...

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News 01/05/2020
Changes in consumer behaviour caused by COVID-19

COVID-19 has forced retail stores of non-essential products to shut up shop for the time being due to social distancing...

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News 08/04/2020
Can I create a Veeva CLM presentation from Powerpoint?

What is Veeva CLM? Built into Veeva CRM, Veeva closed loop marketing module (CLM) is an easy to use closed loop marketing platform...

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News 29/03/2020
COVID-19 Pandemic leads to a tenfold increase in usage of Veeva Engage

In a world limited by social distancing and travel limitations, Pharma sales teams have had their day to day activities disrupted, being forced...

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News 12/03/2020
Women in Tech

In the wake of International Women’s day, it is important to acknowledge the strides women have made within economical, political and social...

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News 12/03/2020
Veeva Full Service Content Partner Agency

With the continued evolution of the Veeva Commercial Cloud, in 2019 Veeva identified the need to strengthen and reinforce the support that...

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