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15 December 2023 by Holly Carden

As a leader in cloud-based software solutions for the life sciences industry, Veeva Vault and Veeva CRM, Veeva offer comprehensive solutions for a wide range of life sciences organisations.

Pulse, as a certified Veeva agency partner, is fully committed to utilising the cutting-edge advancements from Veeva to elevate services offered to our clients. Our partnership with Veeva empowers pharma companies to stay ahead of the curve and thrive in an ever-evolving industry landscape. Working in tandem, Veeva and Pulse enable our clients to achieve unparalleled success in their endeavours.
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The Veeva Content Partner program provides Veeva agencies with access to a wide array of content, support and accreditation exams. The certification process provides Veeva customers with an assurance about the agencies capabilities and accomplishments.

Each year, the accreditations within the partner programme are thoroughly reviewed and renewed, ensuring that Veeva agencies remain up-to-date with the latest advancements in Veeva technologies and industry best practices. This commitment to annual review helps to guarantee that Veeva agency partners possess the knowledge and capabilities necessary to deliver exceptional results to their clients.

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By introducing these certifications, Veeva empowers its customers to carefully evaluate whether their chosen agency meets specific requirements and possesses the essential qualifications and capabilities to address their unique needs effectively. This verification process allows customers to have confidence in their agency partners and fosters a strong and mutually beneficial relationship.

Some of the certifications available for Veeva Content Partners encompass a wide range of key solutions, including:
  • Veeva CLM: Certification in Veeva Closed Loop Marketing enables agencies to deliver engaging and personalised digital content to healthcare professionals, enhancing marketing effectiveness.
  • Veeva CRM Approved Email: Certification in Veeva CRM Approved Email equips agencies with the tools and expertise to develop and execute compliant email marketing campaigns, enabling seamless communication with customers.
  • Veeva CRM Engage Meeting: Certification in Veeva CRM Engage Meeting empowers agencies to host interactive and impactful virtual meetings with healthcare professionals, facilitating collaboration and information sharing.
  • Veeva CRM Engage for Portals: Certification in Veeva CRM Engage for Portals allows agencies to create engaging and educational online portals, providing healthcare professionals with easy access to valuable resources.
  • Veeva Vault PromoMats & Vault MedComms (including review and approval and digital asset management): Certification in Veeva Vault PromoMats & Vault MedComms equips agencies with the expertise to efficiently manage the review and approval process of promotional materials and digital assets, ensuring compliance and streamlining marketing operations.

Pulse is a prominent Veeva agency partner in the United Kingdom and is widely recognised for its exceptional expertise in employee accreditation within the life sciences sector. With a strong presence in the UK and Europe, Pulse has not only achieved a remarkable and consistent high level of qualifications but has also established a long-standing reputation for excellence.

Through a partnership with Pulse Digital and Veeva, customers can benefit from the experience, professionalism, and certified capabilities of a tried-and-true industry leader. By combining their expertise, Veeva and Pulse Digital can help organisations achieve their goals and drive success in the rapidly evolving life sciences landscape.

If you want to explore the benefits of partnering with Pulse and make the most of your Veeva investment, reach out today. Discover how this collaboration can leverage the expertise and certified capabilities of these industry leaders to propel your brand forward.

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