Visualise Customer Data with Veeva CRM MyInsights

Veeva CRM MyInsights helps sales teams to visualise their customer data. Sales teams receive real-time insights delivered directly in Veeva CRM for immediate execution which helps them to plan and deliver relevant account activity. Veeva MyInsights assists users in their working practices and removes the requirement to collect data from separate tools to analyse information. 

What are the features of Veeva CRM MyInsights?

Veeva MyInsights streamlines the workflow of reps by providing valuable information at a glance with dashboards. Sales teams can visualise Veeva CRM data such as user or account activity and plan next actions.

The data provides useful insights into HCP preferences, helping field sales teams to make more informed calls about the best way to engage with and maintain relationships with their customers. Reps feel empowered by accessing real-time data enabling them to react to the latest customer insights and activity.

What are the benefits of Veeva CRM MyInsights?

With Veeva MyInsights, sales reps gain knowledge of their customers and can see how past activities have impacted their behaviours. Equipped with Veeva MyInsights, receive clear insight into the engagement of HCPs, their communication preferences and the types of content they are interested in. 

Veeva MyInsights provides reps with the following capabilities:

  • Dashboard Insights: By using MyInsights the dashboards are in the same device, they integrate into Veeva CRM and external data sources – giving reps immediate access to insights on their customers. Organisations can build custom dashboards to meet their specific business requirements or use existing, out of the box dashboards.

  • Real- time Insights: Reps receive real-time insights delivered directly in Veeva CRM, helping them to respond using the latest data and stay up to date with customer trends.

  • Analysing HCP Reponse: Veeva MyInsights can provide valuable information on the effectiveness of brand communications and sales reps. Data can highlight areas of concern in terms of brand alignment and also track positive shifts in terms of brand alignment over time.

  • Increase customer engagement: Reps can monitor customer activity on company-hosted websites, educational portals and interaction with CLM content and Veeva Approved Email. With this information, they can plan actions to increase customer engagement.    

Get in touch to discuss your Veeva CRM MyInsights requirements or if you are looking to build a custom Veeva CRM MyInsights dashboard.

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