Veeva Approved Emails: 5 Fundamental Design Tips for Success

07 March 2023 by Holly Carden

Veeva Approved Emails are the glue that binds omnichannel marketing. Effective use of Veeva Approved Emails, can help you reach more customers and drive higher levels of engagement.
We’ll look at five foundational tips when creating content for Veeva Approved Emails. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the game, these tips will help you increase your open-rates, ensure your content is fit for purpose and drive those engagement rates up
  1. Keep it short and sweet:

    Content should be concise and to the point in Veeva Approved Emails. In the presence of too much detail, HCPs will lose interest and may become overwhelmed. Focus on delivering a single message by keeping text short and simple.

  2. Use images sparingly:

    When creating content for approved emails, it is important to remember to use images sparingly. Too many large images can overwhelm the reader and can cause email loading issues. Additionally, some corporate email services will, by default, remove all images from emails so make sure your email makes sense with the images removed. Ensure that any images used are necessary and complementary to the copy. It’s best to limit the use of images to one or two per email and to keep the file size of each image as small as possible.

  3. Get to the point:

    This is essential to keeping your reader's attention. The first lines of your copy should make it clear what your message is, what you offer and why it is important. Make sure the words you use are attention-grabbing and succinct, as this will help your reader quickly identify your values and encourage them to follow up with you.

  4. Use simple language:

    Using simple language is key when it comes to crafting your content. Your reader should be able to understand what you’re saying without having to decode complex sentences. Keep your language straightforward and clear, avoiding long words and convoluted phrases. When you make the effort to explain something in simple terms, you can ensure that everyone who reads your email can comprehend its message.

    You should also avoid industry jargon and technical terms. If a reader doesn’t know what a specific term means, then they’re likely to feel confused and frustrated. This makes it less likely that they’ll take the action you want them to take. Instead, write using language that’s accessible to anyone. Use easy-to-understand language that will get your point across without any complications.

  5. Proofread your content:

    Proofreading your content is essential before it is sent out to your customers. Checking for typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors can make a huge difference in the overall quality of your message.

    Another way to ensure your content is error-free is to have a second person proofread it. The input of another person may lead to suggestions you hadn't considered and extra quality control for your content.

    No matter how perfect your content looks in your eyes, the only way to guarantee that it is error-free is to proofread it. Making sure that your Veeva Approved Email content is perfect will help you create a positive impression on your customers.

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