Self-directed Digital Interactions for HCPs

Life sciences companies are making a significant investment in reaching out to customers over the
web through brand websites, professional portals, and via sponsorship on third party websites. And
for good reason. Research shows that physicians prefer digital access to information that is relevant
and available anytime within their channel of choice. However, many of the current approaches are
inefficient, one-off deployments and are only loosely coupled with the company’s CRM system. These
limitations result in digital interactions that do not leverage the rich customer profiles and histories life
sciences companies work so hard to create. This makes digital channels appear impersonal and less
meaningful. Today, new technology, like Veeva CRM Engage for Portals, makes it easy to personalize
and coordinate interactions across channels, while capturing insights to provide a continuously
improving customer experience.

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Engage Portal

Capture immediate insights and preferences from digital interactions.

Consistency: Enable a cohesive online experience across all brands and channels.

: Better customer understanding and real-time insights into digital activity.

Better Return on Digital Spend: Ensure greater reuse of messaging across channels to improve your promotional impact.

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