Getting Started with Veeva CRM Approved Email

01 December 2021 by Isabella Coupland

With Veeva Approved Email, sales teams can share resources, arrange virtual meetings and send post meeting follow up communications to customers, all in a compliant manner. With 58% of HCPs preferring email communications over other channels, Veeva Approved email is a vital tool for pharma organisations. Veeva customers are reported to generate a 40% open rate with Approved Emails, helping sales reps to increase their reach by ensuring that HCPs receive relevant and engaging email communications.

How to create Veeva Approved Emails?

The process of creating Veeva Approved Emails is outlined in five steps:

Veeva Approved Email seamlessly integrates into the workflows of reps using Veeva CRM, allowing for compliant and personalised emails to be created with ease. Equipped with a cost effective and efficient solution to creating engaging emails, organisations can ensure that they are creating and distributing compliant email communications rapidly. 

Heartbeat™ Veeva Approved Email Content Authoring Solution is an intuitive, adaptable Content Authoring solution for Veeva customers, empowering content creators with the right tools and capabilities to quickly and easily create and localise compliant Veeva Approved Emails, at scale. Heartbeat™ removes the existing barriers and helps brand teams overcome challenges associated with creating Veeva CRM Approved Emails all the while reducing costs and accelerating speed to market. 

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Isabella Coupland

I am the Communications Lead at PULSE and I help generate awareness around our solutions. I am passionate about how communications help support our customers in achieving their business objectives.

I have a particular interest in the end to end content supply chain for global pharmaceutical customers; I take a keen interest in the burgeoning trends of healthcare, supported and delivered by digital and its associated technologies.

Working in an innovative and fast-paced industry, I strive to ensure that our communications are clear and focus on the value we create for healthcare professionals, patients, consumers, and shoppers.

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