Digital Asset Management (DAM) App

Brand content that is used to engage with customers should be structured in a way that allows authorised users to access and tailor its use across various communication channels. Rather than constantly raiding multiple, and perhaps unofficial or unapproved silos for assets, this should be done from one specific DAM application-making assets easier to manage, edit, share and deploy, compliantly and with confidence.

The pressure to maintain freshness and relevance of content in the face of exponential growth in demand from customers, is also more effectively managed from a single DAM. We can provide you with the means to identify which brand content requires refreshing and give you greater control over how your assets are personalised and repurposed for new content. Creative guidelines and brand books, covering rules, design principles, and tone of voice can be used along with visual assets and published on the same DAM platform to promote and maintain brand consistency.

DAMs can also be used to support field sales teams in their mission to educate HCPs. By creating a single, easy to use portal with expert materials and resources, sales teams can direct customers to case studies, marketing collateral, thought leadership, and more. Access to the content can be regulated by an approval process to ensure that the content shared is controlled, compliant and aligns to HCPs brand standards.

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