Effective sales calls with instant reporting.

Built into Veeva CRM, Veeva CLM is easy to use closed-loop marketing for tailored sales calls and fast, accurate call recording. Because it is part of the rep’s workflow, digital sales materials are easy to access and share.

We can help you create high-impact Veeva content

Integrated within Veeva CRM, Engage Meetings are adopted into the workflow of reps, allowing for easy remote communication as well as improving engagement, increasing efficiency, encouraging content reuse and ensuring compliance.

Removing Barriers: HCPs can join meetings from any device, anywhere.

HCP Tracking and Insights: Interactions are monitored and recorded in Veeva CRM. This multichannel data helps reps to respond to the individual requirements of HCPs and ensure that they are sending personalised and relevant content.

Ensuring Compliance
: Reps can only share the most recent, approved content with HCPs to ensure that only compliant content is circulated.

Greater Analysis
: Actions can be tracked in response to being shown approved Veeva CLM content. Activity tracking allows for greater understanding of reactions to content and provides opportunity for analysis.

Seamless Scheduling: Meetings can be scheduled online, allowing for reps and HCPs to find suitable times to arrange meetings and allowing for meetings to be scheduled quickly and easily.

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