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Veeva is a global leader in the supply of cloud-based software for the global life sciences industry. Their commitment to innovation, product excellence, and customer success is the driving force behind their industry-leading platform.

We are proud to be certified as a Veeva Full-Service Content Partner - one of the highest certified Veeva Full Service Content Partners in the UK and one of the most accredited in Europe – making us one of a few select agencies around the world with a proven track record of providing best in class services across the Veeva ecosystem.

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Veeva CLM

Built into Veeva CRM, Veeva CLM is easy to use closed-loop marketing for tailored sales calls and fast, accurate call recording. Because it is part of the rep’s workflow, digital sales materials are easy to access and share.

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Veeva CRM Approved Email

Designed to support tailored interactions with your HCPs, Veeva CRM Approved Email lets you send compliant, approved content through email. Integrated within Veeva CRM, it is seamlessly adopted into the workflow of reps.

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Veeva Engage

User-guided online meetings offering the flexibility of online access and the relationship-building of a face-to-face engagement. Until now, reps have been limited by fragmented technology that makes it difficult to manage remote calls in CRM, and share multichannel content.

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Veeva CRM MyInsights

Actionable insights delivered during the planning and execution stages available through Veeva CRM MyInsights customised reporting, helping field sales to make better informed decisions.

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Veeva Certifications

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    Veeva CLM

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    Approved Email

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    Engage Meeting

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    Engage Portals

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    Review & Approvals

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