An Accelerator for Veeva CLM Content

Heartbeat™ CLM eDetail Viewer empowers creative teams to collect feedback on CLM campaigns at an earlier stage in the design process. Used alongside Heartbeat™ Veeva Content Authoring Solution, teams gain the ability to quickly create draft Veeva CLM content with ease, as well as test content on the same device the customer will see it on and the field sales team will use.

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Why we built Heartbeat

Pharma companies are facing new challenges, they must now create and launch digital content faster than ever before. Heartbeat™ is designed to help customers navigate the predominant shift from print to digital, enabling customers to quickly and efficiently create, distribute and publish Veeva compatible content. Heartbeat™ enables global and local brand teams, agencies and content factories to create remarkable multichannel experiences for healthcare professionals.

A series of burgeoning trends, the digital HCP, greater use of digital in rep-led communications, an increase in channel adoption combined with the very real pressure on global and local pharma customers to create enough content to support field sales teams, gave rise to the birth of Heartbeat. In the four years since its launch we’ve continued to develop and enhance the platform based on customer feedback and a need to remain aligned with the Veeva Commercial cloud ecosystem and roadmap. That’s why we are excited for the next chapter, supporting pharma customers in establishing modular content as part of their content supply chain.

What can it do?

Heartbeat™ CLM eDetail Viewer helps organisations to make more engaging and interactive multichannel marketing campaigns without creative limitations. Providing a remarkable user experience and gaining invaluable insights.

When developing a multichannel marketing campaign, brand managers can find it difficult to fully visualise content as it will be presented to customers as first drafts are normally supplied as a flat, static PDF. This prevents brand managers from experiencing and envisioning the engaging features and functionality that make up the experience. Reviewing a PDF of the design and waiting until later in the process to see the developed experience is time consuming as any changes will result in undoing design elements and development.

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