Patient Support / Adherence Apps

Patients expect providers to interact with them and deliver services and solutions using mobile based technology such as apps. As a result digital has become the cornerstone of Patient Support Programmes (PSPs).

Patient adherence is the degree to which a patient is complying with their treatment, and technology can be used to improve medication and therapy adherence via remote monitoring with mobile technology and wearables. We have been delivering patient adherence solutions for over a decade, starting with the digitisation of simple paper based diaries to advanced mobile apps for a variety of treatments and therapy areas. Our focus is always to develop Patient Reported Outcome Measures (PROMs) that get patients to report on their own progress more frequently and with greater accuracy than if they are simply reporting to their medical team or healthcare provider once per visit.

At Pulse, we put mobile technology to work mapping patient journeys, identifying and delivering treatments and support in accordance with patients’ needs and challenges. This serves to educate patients, whose direct connection and access to experts gives them a feeling of active involvement in their treatment.

As healthcare technology and marketing specialists, Pulse caters for the sensitive nature of healthcare information; our partnership with healthcare brands, delivering innovative strategies to engage patients and healthcare providers, securely and confidentially through active mobile apps.

To strengthen and deepen patient ‘involvement’, we can design programmes to connect to other smart devices, smart speakers such as Alexa, Google Home and other common wearables.

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