eDetailing and Digital Sales Aids (DSAs)

PULSE helps organisations to digitise their sales materials, allowing them to be adapted for remote use in Veeva Engage. eDetailing accelerates the process of migrating existing sales materials or image-based presentations into Veeva Engage. We respond to the needs of pharma brand teams and reps by providing powerful digital sales aids.


As one of the highest certified Veeva Full-Service Content Partners in the UK and one of the most accredited in Europe, we have a proven track record of delivering effective and powerful solutions to our customers.

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Types of DSAs

DSAs bring data and visuals to life, helping to create a lasting impression. All presentations utilise the capabilities provided within Veeva CLM and ensure that only the latest, compliant content is included.

Static PDF: Creating a flat visual PDF is the most cost effective and time efficient way of creating DSAs. The content is integrated into Veeva CLM with the artwork distributed into individual pages within the DSA.

Collective eDetailing: Sales aids that interact with the viewer are proven to be considerably more effective than flat visuals. Creating an interactive DSA generates greater impact and allows for valuable data insights to be collected and analysed.

Deliver Effective CLM Presentations

With PULSE, customers are guided through the CLM presentation creation process, providing expertise to ensure that effective DSAs are produced.

There are a variety of ways for organisations to maximise the impact of their Veeva CLM presentation and which can be focused on during the planning and creation of their DSA.

Veeva Certifications

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