What is Breathe?

Breathe is a fictitious COPD brand we created to showcase technical products and solutions for our Pharma customers. Within the portfolio, we have developed a series of solutions to help support medical, sales and marketing teams.

This array of flexible solutions and applications can support pharma operations and marketing initiatives. Each component of the Breathe portfolio is interoperable, so customers can quickly and easily integrate solutions that they want to use while maintaining flexibility to tailor the content to their needs. Our solutions are designed so that you can focus on launching and embedding your initiatives.

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Digital Sales Aids (DSAs)

PULSE helps organisations to digitise their sales materials, allowing them to be adapted for remote use in Veeva Engage. eDetailing accelerates the process of migrating existing sales materials or image-based presentations into Veeva Engage. We respond to the needs of pharma brand teams and reps by providing powerful digital sales aids.

As one of the highest certified Veeva Full-Service Content Partners in the UK and one of the most accredited in Europe, we have a proven track record of delivering effective and powerful solutions to our customers.

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With in-person events unable to take place during COVID-19 and still limited in many areas, the life sciences industry has shifted to hosting events virtually; their popularity amongst healthcare professionals (HCPs) means that virtual events, hosted on platforms such as Veeva Engage, are now a permanent fixture in the pharmaceutical industry.

Supported by eBooths, attendees can unlock the full value of the virtual event by gaining the unique ability to navigate through a virtual booth. This booth allows the user to access a variety of assets such as PDFs, videos and brochures whilst receiving an interactive experience.

eBooths offer the opportunity to provide an interactive experience virtually and allow hosts to enhance this interactive element by including online surveys and links to social channels.

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MSL Training

Medical Science Liaisons serve as scientific peers and resources within the medical community. They work throughout a product’s lifecycle, ensuring that products are utilised effectively. As part of the MSL's role, they will establish and maintain peer to peer relationships with leading physicians referred to as Key Opinion Leaders at major academic institutions and clinics.

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Learning Management System

PULSE’s Learning Management System (LMS) ensures that customers and employees receive a high quality of support and education, allows for efficient training to be conducted and supports individuals in their learning.

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