TechXLR8 2019

Our team recently had the pleasure of attending TechXLR8 2019, the flagship event for London Tech Week. The two-day event was held at the Excel Centre in London. It featured over 8,000 companies and over 60 expert speakers.

Our key takeaways:

  • Fully automated Augmented Reality assistance is the next step in technology-forward customer service

  • AR assistance is rapidly transforming the retail industry

  • The retail AR assistance is transferable into the life science field, creating opportunities for healthcare professionals (HCP) and their patients to become more educated and efficient by using digital pharma

We got a glimpse of so many exciting, new innovations in tech and AI. One of the booths with the most traction was Microsoft’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) ice cream bar that showcased their facial recognition technology. Users are shown pictures and each picture corresponds with a flavour. The user’s facial expressions and responses to certain pictures decided which flavour they’ll receive. At Pulse, we think that AI has the potential to change every facet of the world we live and work in. We tend to apply AI and the principle of Machine Learning right across our working practice. The future of AI in healthcare is especially one

We were also able to learn a lot from the speakers who presented. Xerox’s Elisabeth Rochman presented on how Augmented Reality (AR) can improve customer assistance. Their AR Assistant Project aimed to provide a better method of assisting customers who run into a technical issue with their products. The current approach to assistance requires customers to conduct a lot of their own troubleshooting and research. With their new project, Xerox can guide the customer using AR, and the customer will be able to learn from demonstrations and access manuals and videos.

This presentation stood out to us because utilising AR in digital healthcare would revolutionise the healthcare professional (HCP) and patient experience. For example, there can be a mobile application with AR that HCP’s could use to explain complex procedures to patients undergoing surgery, or it could help educate future HCP’s and provide training that feels hands-on. With mobile app development and content creation, a mobile device can be used to visualize healthcare procedures on a real patient in real time, making the information relevant and personalised. Life science AR could also assist in diagnostics, evaluation, and so much more.

Overall, attending TechXLR8 was a great experience for our team. We had a wonderful time testing AI and AR prototypes and learning more about how technology is improving and reshaping the world. Our takeaways from the event will help us to continue delivering only the most remarkable AI and AR experiences to our customers.

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