The team at Pulse were thrilled to once again be sponsoring the Veeva Commercial & Medical Summit, Europe, this year in Barcelona. This year’s theme on Intelligent Engagement brought to life new product initiatives and innovations that we enjoyed discussing with attendees.

11 December 2019 by Leo Miller

Here are a few of the innovations that caught our attention:

Veeva CRM Approved notes - enables reps to compliantly capture notes and insights from customers. Previously, this free text approach exposed customers to risk and non-compliance. This AI powered monitoring service detects risks such as off-label messaging and therefore allows HCPs to utilise their time in a more effective manner, building strong customer relationships. Read more about the new Veeva CRM Approved notes

“Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence [...] by restricting issues in the system we are not restricting them from happening.” - Povilas Petkevcious, VP CRM Project Management

Veeva CRM Dynamic attributes - the need for immediate critical information means we need to move faster than before. Data captured into a spreadsheet tends not to be reflected immediately in CRM systems, meaning people aren’t aware of it and can't use it. The challenge is therefore, how do we provide a balance between flexibility to match the business’ needs and a governance structure to harmonise data? Through data-driven configuration, business users will now be able to add new field data instantly, in order to capture accurate additional information about customers. This change will significantly empower sales teams to build personalised and relevant experiences for their customers; without delay, bringing the flexibility and simplicity of the spreadsheet, directly into Veeva itself. Read more about Veeva CRM Dynamic attributes

Salesforce Lightning Business Apps for Veeva CRM provides better frameworks with greater capability for Veeva users. For those Veeva customers with a multidimensional role, there will now be able to have a personalised experience with functionality based on their role and individual needs. Another great example of next generation innovation, providing greater value and experience for Veeva users.

The Veeva Summit was packed with many useful insights about the developments in Intelligent Engagment. Explore our website further to read blogs on life science advancements to get a deeper understanding of artificial intelligence technology and how at Pulse, we love to create digital solutions to support companies as and when they need us.

Leo Miller

I am a proven leader of digital marketing strategy and business transformation; effectively engaging businesses and brands to integrate innovative digital solutions and accelerate their capabilities.

I have extensive and varied experience ranging from founding start-ups to navigating the complexity of some of the world’s largest organisations. I have previously led Digital Strategy and transformation at GSK, Reckitt Benckiser, and L’Oréal. I now lead the Customer Success team at Pulse, helping healthcare and pharma organisations drive value from the use of digital and its associated technologies.

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