Realising the remarkable.

Making the most of your multichannel marketing.

Our vision at Pulse is to help our customers, global healthcare, pharma and lifestyle brands, deliver remarkable experiences for their customers: consumers, healthcare professionals, patients.

So why is this important to us? The main reason is that it helps us focus on the end user- the customer- be it a patient or healthcare professional. We know that by focussing on them, putting them at the heart of everything we do, will help us deliver successful programmes and campaigns. That means putting ourselves in their shoes; seeing things from their perspective and considering what they would want to see, feel or do. 

We use this in a variety of situations- from a new brief where maybe we need to collaborate to work out the context the user finds themselves in, or to more accurately identify their needs. We may use it when assessing how to deliver a programme- how we choose the channels and how we ensure the channels are working together to deliver against the objectives we have in place. In those scenarios, we think about creating a remarkable experience. An experience of note. One worth commenting on. 

Setting it as our vision, gives us the guiding light when having tough conversations and facing hard decisions. We simply turn to the insights we have on our customers, to better understand their needs and plan how to deliver against those needs. 

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I am a proven leader of digital marketing strategy and business transformation; effectively engaging businesses and brands to integrate innovative digital solutions and accelerate their capabilities.

I have extensive and varied experience ranging from founding start-ups to navigating the complexity of some of the world’s largest organisations. I have previously led Digital Strategy and transformation at GSK, Reckitt Benckiser, and L’Oréal. I now lead the Customer Success team at Pulse, helping healthcare and pharma organisations drive value from the use of digital and its associated technologies.