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04 July 2019 by Leo Miller

Two weeks ago was the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity, an event geared towards showcasing the very best in creativity.

In recent years the disruption being seen across the healthcare industry has been reflected at Cannes with an ever-increasing presence from healthcare brands and businesses. 2019 was no different, with content and events geared to health increasing from previous years.

The Health Track celebrates the use of creativity, supported with technology as a way of truly changing patients’ lives.

One campaign that really stood out to us was IKEA’s new launch, ThisAbles. IKEA saw that people with disabilities have a limited selection of the variety of their furniture. Accessible furniture was built for functionality and not for decoration. A nice play on words, ThisAbles, creates furniture for those with disabilities that are both functional and stylish. IKEA’s focus was to create accessories that can be added onto furniture to make it accessible. The products are simple and subtle, allowing an accessible home that can be stylish and personalised for those who need it. We enjoyed seeing retail brands adopt health-related products in their brand to breed inclusivity and enjoyment for people with disabilities. Read more about the ThisAbles campaign here

Our customer, GSK, also presented the Breath of Life Campaign. This mobile product creates a visual image of a tree and conducts a breath test. The app shows the results with the creative artwork of a tree. If the user scores below 70%, they are alerted and encouraged to seek hospital assistance. This campaign was created to raise awareness of Chronic Pulmonary Disease and you can read more about the Breath of Life Campaign here.

Throughout Lion Health and all of the Cannes Lion sessions, the most synonymous topics on stage were referencing the fact that so many companies these days are turning to health as a key part of their brand and communicating how their product or services was helping to make an impact on their consumers' lives. There are plenty of examples of how non-core healthcare brands are embracing this opportunity. Conversely, consumers are starting to look for brands that are making a true difference in the world around them, including their health.

Cannes Lions still remains a place of inspiration for all brands in and out of the healthcare industry. It motivates teams to push the boundaries on creativity and helps inspire them to collaborate and formulate, new, innovative ideas.

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