#FOM15 DAY 2

Final day at the Festival of Marketing and I've spent some time reviewing the Masters of Marketing Awards in the gallery area. A couple of notable entries that stuck out for me:

McDonalds created FryFutbol, real time video replays during the 2014 World Cup using McDonalds Fries as players ensuring their sponsorship deal was more relevant and timely to consumers. I remember this campaign at the time and it certainly cut through all the other sponsorship clutter, hit a relevant tone with fans by engaging in their passion and no doubt drove brand preference and favourability. Would have been nice to have seen a bit more around how they seeded and captured user generated content for this campaign. I don't doubt many fans were visiting McDonalds stores either side or during the games, so to see them taking part would have been a nice added layer to the campaign that could have increased the reach and engagement further through smarter use of earned media.

Next entry that caught my attention was the Papa Johns use of mobile to engage with consumers through hyper localisation targeting.

Now, I love Pizza and it's a great category for digital and innovation mainly because it is so competitive.

What I loved was how they used programmatic, not just to reduce the cost of the media they were purchasing, but to vastly improve their targeting. They used the consumer journey bringing their experience to life and used programmatic as the backbone of the campaign by pairing 1stand 3rd party data to deliver relevant experiences according to the context, behaviours and location of consumers.

What was clear to me with this type of campaign, was now how much opportunity and emphasis there is on the creative and the messaging. All of a sudden we need multiple formats, creative that is relevant to the multitude of segments programmatic allows us to target and all in line with dynamic messaging. Fortunately, that's where we come in. We are used to creating large volumes of digital assets and content to fill the vacuum that programmatic creates. Not only that, but we work with large multimarket organisations to take the pain out of localising and distributing those assets. We will work with your translations agency and directly with your local marketing or agency teams to ensure the assets are activated in the shortest, most efficient manner. That includes publishing and distributing the assets onto your existing platforms.

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