Medical Science Liason (MSL) and Medical Communication Apps

CLM/eDetailing and digital sales aids (DSA)

Being a trusted source of expert information for Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) is vital to the success of every Medical Science Liason, Medical Affairs and field sales team. This means having – and sharing with customers – access to a vast library of relevant and useful resources that help educate and inform healthcare professionals.

E-detailing is an established standard of efficiency. Interactive content that is digitised and typically provided on a tablet device. Through our Heartbeat CLM app, we enable our customers to deliver engaging, authoritative and accurate content. Consumption of content is tracked, giving valuable insights around adoption and usage behaviours.

Whilst we always recommend adopting Veeva as a best in class solution, we also can provide our own Digital Sales Aid CLM platform, Heartbeat CLM app to help you create a seamless multi-channel customer experience and empower field sales teams to deliver personalised and relevant content to HCPs.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Virtual Reality in Healthcare allows you to immerse users in a computer-generated simulation of an alternate reality. While AR is able to enhance the physical world, VR replaces it entirely.

The concept of AR & VR apps in healthcare and pharma is no different from their entertainment oriented counterparts. What separates them is the context and the goal.

What are some possible directions for VR healthcare apps?

Medical training

Aspiring medical professionals can study anatomy and practice their craft on virtual patients, but virtual reality healthcare apps are not just for future doctors. Experienced medical staff members are also able to benefit from Virtual Reality training when prepping for complex surgical procedures or learning new techniques.

Patients’ comfort

Virtual reality apps can serve as an effective distraction from painful or anxiety-inducing procedures. From comforting kids at the dentist to easing the labor pains, VR can increase the level of comfort for the patients, while enabling the personnel to focus on their job.

Physical rehabilitation

Virtual experiences prove to be an engaging and promising way of providing physical therapy or neuromotor rehabilitation. Patients can exercise in virtual environments designed to fit their particular problems and help them regain abilities lost due to injuries, stroke, or other conditions.

Mental therapies

Providing remote psychotherapy sessions is not a new concept. VR-powered apps, however, provide a sense of realism that traditional means of telecommunication simply cannot achieve. Immersing patients in different virtual scenarios allows them to practice their reactions to different circumstances.

Forecasts confirm that the market for AR/VR healthcare apps is growing fast (CAGR 36.1%). At this rate, it’s expected to reach $10.82 billion by 2025.

Augmented Reality and WebAR

Commercial and medical content can be brought to life more vividly with augmented reality. With your Pulse-developed app, users can point their smart device at a tracker, or using markerless AR and activate an interactive and engaging augmented experience, involving animations, holograms, 3D models and gaming aspects.

Recent developments in augmented reality have enabled us to develop web-based AR campaigns for Pharmaceutical, FMCG and CPG customers. WebAR allows us to develop rich, interactive augmented reality content without the user having to download or install an app. This enables any user with a smartphone or tablet to access augmented reality, accelerating adoption and breaking down the barriers between digital and physical.

These innovative ways of showcasing products, services and educational materials are growing ever faster. Get in touch if you would like to see some examples or discuss a project.

Forecasts confirm that the market for AR/VR healthcare apps is growing fast (CAGR 36.1%). At this rate, it’s expected to reach $10.82 billion by 2025. Out of the two technologies, augmented reality grows faster and has a larger market share.

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