Heartbeat is a cloud-based multichannel marketing automation platform for the life sciences industry. Our ground-breaking platform automates common tasks across the digital content supply chain, accelerating approvals, localisation and dissemination of content. Customers dramatically reduce end-to-end production costs, simplify the localisation process and increase the speed of distributing content to markets.

Why Heartbeat?

Heartbeat seamlessly integrates with existing CRM systems enabling a fast and efficient delivery and management of eDetail content. It ensures customers remain compliant whilst maintaining a consistent brand presence.

Key challenges

  • Slow approval times
  • Lengthy speed to market
  • Compliance audit for Legal, medical & regulator
  • Disparate local market based solutions
  • Increased production costs and overheads
  • Maintenance of content for updates and O/S issues
  • Low content reuse rate
  • Lack of integration into enterprise wide platforms

Heartbeat Capabilities

  • Seamless integration with Veeva Vault
  • Generate eDetails from PDF's, PPT's, PNG's or JPG's
  • Add custom navigation and interactive elements
  • Localise content to specific markets
  • Generate and amend Veeva Approved Emails
  • Automated migration to Veeva from other platforms
  • Instantly create Veeva CRM integrated surveys
  • Generate PDF's from eDetails for digital review

Benefits of Heartbeat

  • Accelerated production and delivery
  • Earlier release of global content to markets
  • Efficient localisation process for local markets
  • Reduced end to end production costs
  • Brand control and compliance
  • High quality, consistant output
  • Cloud based
  • 24/7 UK based support

Veeva CRM Compatability

  • Veeva CLM
  • Veeva CRM Approved Email
  • Veeva CRM CoBrowse
  • Veeva CRM Engage
  • Veeva Medical CRM

Other Platforms

  • Skura
  • Mobile Locker
  • Agnitio


Key Heartbeat Features

Interactive eDetails

Automate the conversion and upload of multiple format content into Veeva iRep, CoBrowse, Engage & Medical CRM. Accelerate speed to market and deliver operational efficiencies.

Veeva Approved Email

Instantly add new, edit existing creative or copy. Drag and drop in Veeva CRM variables. Empower local markets with a flexible, easy to use editor that allows sales teams to quickly and easily respond to HCP’s ongoing needs.

Heartbeat Survey

Automate the creation of beautiful looking interactive surveys that synchronise with Veeva CRM. Empower local teams to easily generate real time or post call feedback without the need for expensive production or design.

Heartbeat Migration

Automate the migration and import of content from legacy platforms into Veeva Vault. Instantly convert legacy content to ensure it is available to users of Veeva services.

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